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China lockdown-breakers SHAMED in public hazmat suit punishment as Xi’an residents no longer allowed to leave to buy food due to hard lockdown

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Armed riot police in the Chinese border city of Jingxi have forced four lockdown violators to walk the streets in hazmat suits – with their names on placards in an illegal public shaming.

The suspects are accused of transporting illegal immigrants across the border from Vietnam, according to Guanxi News, with their parade a “real-life warning” to “deter border-related crimes.”

State-backed outlet Beijing News stated, “the measure seriously violates the spirit of the rule of law and cannot be allowed to happen again.”

Public shaming was outlawed in 2010.

China’s Xi’an in lockdown for seventh day

A lockdown of 13 million people in the Chinese city of Xi’an has entered its seventh day, with many unable to leave their residential compounds and relying on deliveries of necessities as new infections persisted.

Xi’an reported 151 domestically transmitted infections with confirmed symptoms for Tuesday, or nearly all of the 152 cases nationwide.

The total number of local Xi’an cases is nearly 1,000 during the December 9-28 period. No cases of the Omicron variant have been announced in the city so far.

People in the city have not been allowed to leave town without clearance from their employer or community authorities.

Part 2: Hungry Chinese man in Xi’an gets the “I can’t breathe” treatment from the CCP COVID police. See This is how the CCP treats starving citizens under lockdown who speak out.
Part 1: Hungry Chinese citizens in Xi’an City protested because they wanted to go get food and supplies. Xi’an City has been on a hardcore lockdown for 2 weeks. One Chinese man got angry and asked the police who they work for. They responded they work for the communist party (为共产党干活) then proceeded to brutally arrest him.
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