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Canada [Jan 30] Watch Trucker Convoy Creates Worldwide Ripple Effect as Tens of Thousands of Protesters Staying Until Trudeau is Removed

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Trudeau a few years ago, doing what he does best – lie.

Dutch, Belgian and German Truckers have announced that they will head towards Brussels

Dutch truckers have taken up their convoy for freedom, the world is on the move against covid tyranny


Truckers joined by motorists formed a rehearsal convoy in Friesland, Netherlands yesterday. Several European countries will soon be heading to Brussels in an attempt to end all mandates in the EU

Italian truckers now mobilising with reports Aussies are ready to go and UK & Europe truckers poised to go as well

The Australian government has formed road blocks at the Parliament House as the convoy starts to arrive in the capital city

The Australian convoy begins to arrive in the capital city Canberra in pretty big numbers. The Parliament House has already set up roadblocks

US Truckers Staging Convoy

U.S. truckers celebrate the recent Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) canceled vaccine mandate and their Candian counterparts who have rolled into Canada’s capital, Ottawa, this weekend, demanding an end to cross-border vaccine rules. Truckers are on the frontlines fighting against medical tyranny as the next convoy could be soon headed to Washington, D.C. 

A Facebook group called “Convoy To DC 2022” has more than 63k members and is preparing a convoy of truckers to ride from California to Washington, D.C., to tell the Biden administration and progressives they’re are done with overreaching health mandates. 


Farmers and truckers in Germany join convoy

Agricoltori e camionisti in Germania si uniscono in convoglio per protestare contro gli obblighi vaccinali

Molti paesi in tutto il mondo stanno seguendo le orme del “Freedom Convoy”, il corteo di 50.000 camionisti canadesi (lungo 70 km / 43,5 miglia) che sono giunti a Ottawa questo fine settimana per protestare contro le imposizioni vaccinali. A Schwerin, in Germania, agricoltori e camionisti locali si sono uniti per formare un loro “Freedom Convoy”, ispirato ai camionisti canadesi.

Convoy of buses in Greece has started!

Canadians Protest

Truckers and protesters are celebrating a successful 2nd day of protesting in Ottawa, Canada

Jan 30, 2022 While Ottawa anti-mandate protestors cause gridlock in front of Parliament, Calgary marches.
Maxime Bernier who is the founder and leader of the People’s Party of Canada is on the ground getting interviewed in Ottawa while Justin Trudeau hides like a coward
Crowd in Ottawa bursts into cheers after man shouts “We will not leave until this corrupt government resigns!
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