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British MP – My Government is covering up Covid jab injuries

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Junior health minister forced to shut Twitter account after receiving so many complaints

By Mark Sharman

THE Government yesterday (March 29) stands accused of a cover-up over Covid vaccine injuries.

Sir Christopher Chope, Conservative MP for Christchurch, told the House of Commons: “This Government’s approach seems to be to try to promote vaccine confidence by covering up the adverse consequences for some of having been vaccinated.”

Sir Christopher surmised that the number of adverse reactions to the vaccine could run into millions in the UK – and he revealed that a junior health minister has had so many victims contact her that she has had to close her Twitter account.

Sir Christopher was speaking to his successful Ten Minute Motion on Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Payments. The Bill will now get a second reading on Friday May 6.

His speech included the following points:

“This Bill is not about the tens of millions of people in the United Kingdom who have benefited from the vaccination programme; it is about the tens of thousands for whom the harm caused by the vaccines is greater than the benefit. The specific focus of this Bill is on the families of those who tragically died or suffered severe injury or life-changing conditions as a result of doing their public duty and being vaccinated.

“No payments have yet been made… even in respect of those whom a coroner’s verdict found to have died because of the vaccine. The impatience and frustration of those so affected is now palpable. Having lost their loved ones more than a year ago, some have been badgering the Under-Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, my Hon. Friend the Member for Lewes (Maria Caulfield), for action — I am pleased to see her on the Front Bench. I understand that yesterday she blocked vaccine victims on her Twitter account and today she closed her Twitter account completely. This is an indication of the strength of feeling among the public.

“This Bill is not just about the payment process; it is also about diagnosis and treatment for those patients who have suffered or continue to suffer ill effects from the vaccines. The current situation is totally inadequate, which is why the Bill places a duty on the Secretary of State to improve both diagnosis and treatment.

“Those who were in perfect health before their vaccine have encountered too much ignorance and scepticism when seeking medical help. For some, their general practitioner has refused to engage, to the extent that they are made to feel gaslighted, with their physical pain being dismissed or explained away as mental illness. How insulting and humiliating is that and how at odds with the principles of the national health service?

“There is much public concern that the Government are going to use lack of proven causation as an excuse for not making payments under the scheme. Should the test therefore not be whether there is any other reasonable explanation for the disablement or death suffered?

“The scale of this is enormous and I do not think the Government have come to terms with that; more than 450,000 yellow cards have been submitted to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency detailing adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccines. That number is an underestimate of the actual number of people adversely affected, which may be 4.5 million or more. I adduce what the MHRA said on 17 May 2019: only 10 per cent of serious reactions and between two per cent and four per cent of non-serious reactions are reported under the yellow card scheme. The MHRA says that those figures do not apply now, but it has not said what figures do.”

Sir Christopher is also demanding answers to several Parliamentary questions he has laid down. He has also awaiting a written statement from the Secretary of State for Health, Sajid Javid, but will be meeting the Vaccines Minister on April 19.

NEWS UNCUT comments: Sir Christopher deserves enormous praise for taking a brave but vital stance against his own Government. The public MUST be made aware of these injuries and the risks involved, for some, of taking the Covid-19 vaccine. It should have been made clear from the start that this is an experimental treatment which has not been through full trials. How can anyone have given informed consent, when they were not informed on these crucial points?

SIr Christopher Chope MP claims the Government was in denial about Covid-19 injection harm and used ‘disinformation campaign’ to encourage take-up of the treatment. He claims the media saw itself as being the spokesperson for that campaign, with some major TV news and broadsheet newspapers making editorial decisions to keep adverse reactions ‘under wraps’. He alleges some seeking help from the NHS for Covid injection harm were being ‘ridiculed as having mental health problems’. He says he is speaking out for the ‘forgotten heroes’ of the pandemic who were harmed by the injections after being told they were safe.
Interview conducted on Wednesday March 23, 2022.

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[…] British MP – My Government is covering up Covid jab injuries […]

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