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‘Bill gates predicts QR codes on smartphones will be replaced by electronic tattoos’

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By Sikh For Truth

Bill Gates predicts this technology will replace smartphones, an electronic tattoo will soon become part of our everyday lives according to Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates. He is predicting that the electronic tattoo will become an integral part of, and revolutionise, our everyday lives, at some point in the future.

The company Chaotic Moon is developing an innovative electronic tattoo. The co-founder of Microsoft has predicted a new type of technology that, among other things, would replace smartphones. The billionaire businessman refers to the electronic tattoos developed by the company Chaotic Moon, a biotechnology-based technique that aims to analyse and collect information from the human body through it.

Electronic tattoos represent a technique based on biotechnology or the Internet of Bodies that has the goal of analysing and collecting information from the human body by somehow entering it.

Chaotic Moon Studios – Tech Tats from Chaotic R&D on Vimeo.

“This tattoo can be something you put on your body once a year and monitor everything they would do in this exam and send it to your doctor”, advances the member of Chaotic Moon, Eric Schneiderin a YouTube video.

Chaotic Moon is a technological development team that was bought by Accenture in 2015. It is a team located in Austin, Texas, United States that has been characterized by throwing risky designs at the financing tables and that in just over 10 years of life (they were born in 2010) has caught the attention of Bill Gates with his electronic tattoos.

Among the data that this tattoo will store, there is initially talk of medical and sports information, with which it will be possible to prevent and control diseases, as well as improve physical and sports performance by means of vital signs.

Gates believes that this tool could be revolutionary and is carrying out more advanced studies so that tattoos not only send medical information but also can be used as smartphones.

With an electronic tattoo, you will reportedly be able to monitor whether your body is working properly or not. If, for example, you showed signs of fever or other illnesses, you would receive a notification immediately. It would also have the function of notifying your doctor at the same time if you wished.

The invention provides real time data that can be used both to prevent diseases and to monitor vital signs in professional athletes. You would apparently be able to monitor your daily activities through this technology.

The company is also working on a way to store medical documents in a digital format in these tattoos. It’s basically smart ink with

Although this electronic tattoo is still in the development phase, it is known that it will be applied temporarily on the skin, with small sensors and trackers that send and receive information through a special ink that conducts electricity, Gates wants electronic tattoos to replace smartphones.

Those known as ‘Tech Tats ‘incorporate microprocessors on the body to control vital signs and prevent possible diseases. In turn, the ink temporary serves as a conductor of electricity and, therefore, can send and receiving the information collected by the sensors.

Here are a few characteristics that make electronic tattoos a better choice than smartphones:

  1. Can track if any issues with your body which smartphones or smartwatch cannot.
  2. Can track all the activities of your body with more accuracy, smartphones or smartwatch might need an external device for some things.
  3. The seamless integration with cloud to store your documents which almost kills the need to carry them along, hence lowering the chance of losing the documents, whereas smartphone can be stolen.
  4. Might help in reducing crimes.

The benefits of the ‘Tech Tats’ are like those offered by the Smart Watches although in this case they would be integrated into our skin. However, Bill Gates is confident that this technology will advance to the point of being able to send posts perform calls or consult our accounts banking and Location.

However, the initial implementation of electronic tattoos is not enough for Bill Gates, who wants this futuristic device to become the replacement for today’s smartphones.

Gates’ idea, which has already been seen in several Hollywood movies, is that people can use the electronic tattoo developed by Chaotic Moon to call, send messages, or look up an address. Although it is not yet possible to speak of an approximate time for the electronic tattoo to be available, Gates and his team are looking for a way to use it to become the new device with which people carry out many of the things they do through smartphones.

Although the founder of Microsoft is investing so that Chaotic Moon has the resources necessary for the development and extension of the use of this technology, it is not expected that the project consolidation be immediate, but long term.

Bill Gates believes that it will be possible that people will get to use electronic tattoos in pretty much the same way they do today with smartphones: sending messages to each other, calling, or looking for a specific address. Also, the developers behind the technology think that it can be used in medical ways. There’s no telling yet when electronic tattoos will become available for the public.

The evolution of these applications can easily lead to tattoos being used to geolocate us, or as a method of communication with other users, in such a way that they would subtract a lot of daily charge from current mobile phones. Now just imagine if this tattoo technology were to be combined with High-Density Microarray Patch (HD-MAP) quantum dot vaccines.

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