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Austria is Hiring Hitmen to Hunt Down Covid-19 “Vaccine Refusers”

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To ensure its citizens stay safe amidst the Covid-19 “pandemic,” the government of Austria is hiring hitmen to “hunt down vaccine refusers.”

So much for freedom of choice: The army of “inspectors,” as they have been labelled by the Austrian press, will be tasked with enforcing the country’s new mandatory vaccine policy. Those who refuse to get jabbed will face hefty fines.

The city of Linz, which has a population of 200,000 is reportedly at the forefront of this tyrannical scheme as it currently has a vaccination rate of around 63 percent, which is considered to be “low.”

Blick reported: “Linz now wants to hire people who are supposed to hunt down vaccine refusers.”

Inspectors will be hired to check on “whether those who do not get vaccinated really pay for it.” This means that they will be checking to see if the unvaccinated actually pay their fines for failing to get injected.

The role pays well for those who are willing to turn against their neighbours and police on behalf of the government, as the inspectors will be paid a wage of €2,774 (£2,348) 14 times per year. In total, this amounts to €38,836 (£32,872) per year.

“The job includes, among other things, the creation of penal orders as well as the processing of appeals,” reports explain, adding that workers will need to be “resilient” and agree to work plenty of overtime.

Austrian citizens are the only people who qualify for these jobs, and all of them must either be fully vaccinated or “fully recovered” from a Covid-19 infection in order to get paid.

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