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Ask your doctor these 3 questions today

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Let’s see if we can red-pill a few thousand doctors by forcing them to confront reality about masks and toxic CO2 levels.

By Steve Kirsch

Check out this video for 90 seconds from 5:30 to 7:02.

Then call your doctor and ask them to watch the same video for 90 seconds at that spot and answer the following 3 questions:

  1. Why didn’t the CDC warn us about the higher CO2 concentration wearing a mask?
  2. Do you personally support these levels of CO2 as being perfectly safe for our kids? On what basis?
  3. Are you going to publicly speak out against this?
  4. Is censorship (in this case of Del Bigtree and his original video) the best way to settle scientific disagreements?
  5. COVID misinformation is a serious problem. Since censorship obviously hasn’t worked, why isn’t the CDC publicly debating the misinformation spreaders to discredit them? What are they afraid of?
  6. Will you debate the misinformation spreaders and discredit them? If not, why not?
  7. Today, you can have your license revoked for speaking out against the vaccines or masking even though none of the officials agrees to an open debate. Do you support that policy of revoking medical licenses on topics where the health authorities have refused every attempt at an open debate?
  8. Is it possible that the vaccines are not as safe and effective as claimed?
  9. Is it possible that masks don’t work at all?

Let me know in the comments what they say (or whether they drop you as a patient).

I’ve emailed my doctor.

More info you’d want to know

  1. That was Del Bigtree’s son in the video. He gets stopped all the time in the airport because of it (fans wanting to talk to him).
  2. That video was a major reason that Del got kicked off of both YouTube and Facebook. Since they couldn’t challenge the science, they censored it.
  3. The meter used in the video is available for $139 on Amazon. It makes a great demo at a school board meeting. Brings down the house.
  4. That video is a legit test according to experts I talked to, but they are surprised that the CO2 was saturated.
  5. The “fact checkers” claim it isn’t a legit test by claiming the meter is designed only to measure the CO2 in a large room, not a confined space. The experts I talked with were not impressed with this fact check. For example, statements in the fact check like “there isn’t enough time for the meter to drop back down to zero before the next breath” makes no sense since CO2 is never zero in a room.
  6. I just ordered this meter from Forensics Detectors so I can do a video for you with various masks looking at both CO2 and O2. This has a point sampling probe and historical graphs. I’ll be able to measure all sorts of masks.
  7. Someone in the comments asked “if the mask can’t even trap the virus then how can it trap CO2 molecules which are even smaller?” which is a good question and proof we have people with critical thinking skills reading my substack. The simplest way to answer that is think of the mask as a two lane freeway. The cars are smaller than the lanes and pass right through, but if you have a 12 lane highway that is suddenly transitioned to a 2 lane highway, it’s going to impede the flow of traffic even though all the cars are smaller than the lanes. Another example is water and a cloth towel. Put the cloth towel over the drain in your shower. If you run the water at a low flow rate, no problem. Increase the flow rate and you’ll be standing in a puddle of water. The H20 is smaller than the gaps in the towel, but it still impedes the rate of flow out. This is why the concentration of gasses on each side of the mask (inside vs. outside) is not going to be the same.
  8. Website referenced in the video:
  9. Mask study referenced in the video: COVID-19 Masks: How Effective and How Safe?
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