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Amsterdam has gone full Nazi as Netherlands rising up against Medical fascism (Videos)

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Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Amsterdam on Sunday to protest against a lockdown extension and government restrictions aiming to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, despite a ban on gatherings issued by the city’s administration. The protest took place a day before the government will decide whether to prolong the national lockdown and current COVID-19 restrictions.

8:48 AM · Jan 2, 2022
Netherlands – Amsterdam [Jan 2, 2022]
Netherlands – Amsterdam [Jan 2, 2022]
Jan 2, 2022

🇳🇱 2.01. Amsterdam – Söldner des tiefen Staates nehmen Veteranen fest!
🇳🇱 2.01. Amsterdam – Söldner der Globalfaschisten prügeln auf friedliche Menschen ein! 🤬

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