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50 Countries that Have Now Opened Their Borders for the Unvaccinated

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(Travel off Path)

Travel is still challenging if you’re unvaccinated in 2022. Although the world is slowly reopening, the majority of countries allowing tourists require them to be fully vaccinated.

But, with that said, there are some nations that allow you to enter if you’re unvaccinated or you’ve only received your first dose of the vaccine. 

Here are 50+ nations you can enter right now if you’re unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Mexico is currently open to unvaccinated travelers. The nation has taken a relaxed approach to border restrictions since 2020. As a result, travelers from various nations can enter without requiring proof of vaccination. 

What’s more, travelers don’t need to provide evidence of a negative PCR test before arrival, which is something that most nations require. Entry into Mexico is as simple as it was in 2019.

Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas are the most popular Mexican destinations, especially for those looking to escape winter.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Norway, as of Feb 12, 2022, has removed all of its Covid-19 related entry requirements for all tourists, unvaccinated or not. The Scandinavian country became the first country in the world to revert its entry requirements and all internal rules back to pre-pandemic settings.

norway travel

El Salvador

Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

El Salvador removed all their entry requirements late-2021 and is as easy to enter now as it was in pre-pandemic times. Unvaccinated tourists can enter with no tests, no quarantines, and no health forms.

Visitors should be aware that mask mandates are still in effect.

resort in El Salvador

United Kingdom

Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Early 2022, the UK revised many of its travel rules, which includes easier entry for unvaccinated tourists.

However, starting March 18, 2022, they remove ALL entry requirements completely, even the double-testing for unvaccinated tourists. Now, those without a shot can enter England like it was 2019, with no tests or forms required.

uk removes all masks


Entry Rules: Moderate 1 test

Do you fancy a European winter vacation? As Europe increases restrictions from non-EU nations following the Omicron variant — Croatia has kept its travel restrictions relatively low. The nation allows unvaccinated travelers to enter the country if they have evidence of a negative PCR or Antigen test.

Unvaccinated travelers must have a negative PCR taken a maximum of 72 hours before arrival or a rapid antigen test result taken a maximum of 24 hours before arrival.

Tip: If you are headed to Dubrovnik in the off-season, prices are low and crowds are minimal. No matter what time of year you visit, be sure to book an unforgettable customized tour with Ivan at Dubrovnik Tourist Guide


Entry Rules:High 2 tests

The gorgeous Mediterranian island of Cyrpus is home to the stunning coastline, white-sand beaches, and amazing weather throughout the year. Unvaccinated travelers from most countries can enter Cyrpus if they take a PCR test on arrival at their own cost, along with another (free!) rapid test 72 hours after arrival.

The requirement does not apply to travelers under 11. Furthermore, travelers from the United States are not required to quarantine on arrival regardless of their vaccination status.

Cyprus beach with tourists and blue water


Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test with the potential of random test on arrival

The U.A.E — home to the popular cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi — is open to unvaccinated travelers. However, travel restrictions within the country vary between Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. 

You should check for possible quarantine restrictions, documentation, and restrictions depending on the airport you arrive at. Nonetheless, the nation offers an excellent sunny winter break or a posh getaway any time of year.

A 72-hour negative PCR test is required for entry.

Burj Khalifa


Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test

Jamaica is a wonderfully beautiful island in the Caribbean. What’s more, the island also allows unvaccinated tourists to enter for a care-free vacation. The nation is also looking to lift most internal restrictions by Spring 2022.

All passengers entering Jamaica will need to provide a negative antigen or PCR test, taken no longer than 3-days before arrival.

Tourists may need to take a COVID-19 test on arrival if they present any symptoms at all. If travelers have to take a test, travelers will have to wait in their hotel room until the test result comes back. Unvaccinated tourists must stay in the ‘resilient corridor’.



Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test on arrival

Tanzania has been a very popular place throughout the pandemic for its relaxed rules all around, incredible nature, beautiful beaches, and tranquil lifestyle.

Unvaccinated visitors may enter, but will need to either bring a 96-hour negative test, or be tested on arrival.

While Tanzania still has some border rules in place, internal restrictions have been removed or downgraded to ‘recommended’. Mask wearing is only a strong suggestion by the government, but no country-wide mandate exists.

Tanzania Has Reopened For Tourism


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Romania is an excellent destination to visit this winter if you’re looking for a budget destination with incredible gothic architecture. Unvaccinated travelers can enter Romania without any entry requirements at all as of March 9, 2022.


Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test

Turkey, a nation home to endless excellent cities, national parks, and gorgeous beaches, is open to unvaccinated tourists in 2022. However, unvaccinated travelers must provide evidence of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival. 

Alternatively, unvaccinated travelers can provide evidence of a negative antigen test taken within 48 hours of arrival. Proof of recovery is also in effect.

Hot air balloon flying over Cappadocia Turkey


Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test

If you’ve got a fascination with Ancient Egyptian history — and nobody would blame you — you’ll love visiting Egypt. Furthermore, unvaccinated travelers can enter the country, but they must provide evidence of a negative PCR test taken within 96 hours before arrival.

South Africa

Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test

South Africa is open to unvaccinated tourists in 2022. In turn, that provides a fantastic sunny escape in the Southern Hemisphere.

Travelers can provide evidence of a negative 72-hour PCR test before arrival.

South Africa became one of the first nations in Africa to remove almost all COVID-19 restrictions. The only restrictions remaining in place are mandatory masks in public spaces and public transport. Although the nation is taking massive steps towards normality, there are still internal restrictions.



Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test + mandatory insurance

Belize is open for unvaccinated travelers in 2022, as long as they provide proof of either a negative 48-hour antigen or 96-hour PCR test, book their stay in only ‘Gold’ standard accommodation, and buy mandatory health insurance.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Ireland ended all entry requirements in March 2022. Now all travelers, regardless of vaccination status can enter test-free!

Tourists Taking Selfie In The Temple Bar District In Dublin, Ireland


Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test

Albania is an ideal year-round destination for budget travelers, those looking for culture and history, and those who don’t mind a mild winter.

Throughout 2020 and most of 2021, Albania was open to unvaccinated travelers without any testing. However, as of Sept 2021, they started requiring an entry test.

Now in 2022, those without the jab can enter with either a 72-hour PCR test or a 48-hour antigen test. Recent recovery within 6 months is also permitted in lieu of testing.


Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test

Nicaragua is one of the only nations in the world to never really enact a catalog of covid-related restrictions. From the start of the pandemic they kept the borders open while many other Latin countries slammed shut, they never put gathering limits in place, and mask mandates have never really been enforced.

Due to their relaxed views, unvaccinated tourists can visit by just bringing a 72-hour PCR test.

nicaragua reopening for tourism oct 1


Entry Rules:High 2 tests

While 2 tests are needed to enter for the unvaxxed, the Bahamas is an ideal vacation spot, especially in the winter months. Miami flies there direct in just an hour, with flights from New York arriving in only 3 hours.

To visit you’ll need a 3-day PCR test, and a potential 2nd antigen-type test done on arrival.


Entry Rules: Easy

Starting March `19, 2022, Aruba removes all entry requirements, making it a breeze to visit for all travelers, even those without the shot. Travelers will still need travel health insurance and to fill out an online form.

Aruba is home to gorgeous white sand beaches, colorful towns, and year round warm weather. Bonus for being under a 3 hour flight from Miami, but feeling worlds away.

aruba beach sunset


Entry Rules:Moderate 1 test

Despite being one of the strictest countries throughout the start of the pandemic, Peru has started to ease entry requirements and now allows unvaccinated passengers to enter with just a 48-hour PCR test and no quarantine.

Travelers are eager to trek the beloved Machu Picchu, dine on marvelous Peruvian cuisine, lounge on beautiful beaches, and enjoy their diverse culture. 


Entry Rules:High 1 test + EU Digital Covid Cert in effect

Portugal is one of the very few EU countries currently allowing unvaccinated tourists to enter. Those without the jab can instead bring either a 24-hour antigen test or a 72-hour PCR test.

Before the pandemic, Portugal registered 20 million annual tourists, so this popular nation is likely to start recovering those numbers, especially with their more relaxed approach.

Masks are still mandatory for the time being.


Entry Rules:High 2 tests

Georgia is a great option for unvaccinated travelers, especially digital nomads and long-stay tourists, as it’s budget friendly and a bit off the beaten path, plus they have a digital nomad visa for 1-year sojourns.

Those without proof of vaxx will have to show proof of a negative 72-hour PCR test and take another PCR 3 days after arriving. No quarantine.

Dominican Republic

Entry Rules: Very Easy

The Dominican Republic has announced that all Covid-19 restrictions are to be removed from February 16, 2022, which included a vaccine passport to access shops, restaurants, public transit, etc. While the Dominican Republic never had any vaccine requirements for entry, the vaccine passport for services inside the country kept it from appearing on this list.

No testing or quarantines are applied for entry, making the Dominican Republic a very easy country to visit if unvaccinated.


Entry Rules: Very Easy

Slovenia removed all of its entry requirements and border restrictions on February 21, 2022. This includes the need to either show proof of vaccination, recent recovery, or a negative test to enter. What’s more, they also removed all vaccine passport requirements for inside the nation, so not only can unvaccinated travelers now enter without issue, they can also access restaurants, museums, and other activities.

Ljubljana - Slovenia (Church and river Ljubljanica)


Entry Rules: High 2 tests

Starting March 1, 2022, all foreigners will be welcome regardless of vaccination status, including unvaccinated Americans and Canadians. In spite of removing the entry ban on non-immunized individuals, it will still require all tourists to submit a negative PCR test before boarding their flight. On top of that, foreign nationals will also need to take another PCR post-arrival. 


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Iceland is now welcoming unvaccinated travelers with open arms – no tests forms, or quarantines needed. Entry is as simple as it was in 2019. Once inside the country, mask mandates, curfews, and gathering limits have also been removed.


Entry Rules: Moderate 1 test

Lithuania is one of the latest EU nations now allowing unvaccinated travelers, especially those from third-party countries like the USA and Canada, to enter with minimal effort. Travelers will need to show proof of a 24-hour antigen test or a 72-hour PCR, but no quarantines will be required.


Entry Rules: Moderate 1 test

Those without the shot are welcome to enter Honduras, as long as they bring a negative antigen or PCR test, performed no longer than 72-hours before entry.


Entry Rules: Moderate 1 test

Panama is welcoming unvaccinated tourists with 1 pre-flight test and no quarantines. Tourists who aren’t showing proof of vax will need to bring a negative antigen or PCR test, performed no longer than 72-hours before entry. An online health form is also required.


Entry Rules: Very Easy

From March 1st, Jordan will be removing both its pre-flight PCR testing requirement and its arrival testing requirement for all travelers, vaccinated or not. Unvaccinated tourists won’t have any testing or quarantine requirements, just an online health form and proof of travel insurance.


Entry Rules: Very Easy

Starting at the end of February 2022, Bahrain lifted all entry requirements, along with most internal rules. Now, regardless of vax status, travelers can visit test-free and quarantine-free. Once inside the nation, the vaccine passport system has also been discontinued, giving access to all indoor and outdoor public spaces and gatherings.

bahrain tourism


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Mid-March, Montenegro removed all entry requirements, now making it a breeze to enter if you’re unvaccinated. No tests, quarantines, or proof of vaccination is needed.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Denmark removed all their entry requirements effective March 29, 2022, making entry as simple as it was before the pandemic.

Once inside Denmark, tourists will notice almost ALL covid-related restrictions have ended. Masks are only needed inside hospitals and airports. No vaccine passports are in effect.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Hungarian authorities will no longer require PCR or Antigen tests or proof of vaccination for tourists, making entry a breeze. The mask mandate has also been removed and it’s optional to wear face-coverings in Hungary.

Saudi Arabia

Entry Rules: Easy-Moderate

March 2022, Saudi Arabia removed all entry requirements and discontinued its internal vaccine passport. All travelers of any status can enter without testing, quarantines, or proof of vaccine.

Saudi Arabia gets an ‘easy-moderate’ rating because they still have a few online forms to fill out, a contact tracing app they want visitors to use, mandatory health insurance, and proof of vaccination is still asked for in very limited (mostly government) settings.


Entry Rules: Moderate – 1 test

France updated rules as of March 14 to now allow unvaccinated travelers from most countries (like the USA as the main example) to enter with just a simple 48-hour antigen test.

Inside France, the mask mandate has also been dropped, along with the use of vaccine passports.

empty streets of Montmarte, France


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

As of March 14, 2022, the Maldives has removed all its entry requirements, as well as abolished the state of emergency, and mask mandates. All travelers, regardless of vaccination status, are welcome to enter test-free and quarantine-free.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Curaçao has removed all its testing, quarantine, and vaccination entry requirements as of March 10, 2022. Travel to the Caribbean island will look much like it did in 2019. Curaçao did keep a few simple entry requirements like an online digital form and proof of travel health insurance.


Entry Rules: Moderate – 1 test+

On March 15, 2022, Vietnam updated entry requirements to allow the return of tourism, and without proof of vaccination. Regardless of vax status, entering passengers will need either 3-day PCR or 1-day antigen. In addition, a contact tracing app (likely not enforced), travel health insurance that covers covid, and a health form are needed.


Entry Rules: Moderate 1 test

Guatemala updated entry rules on March 15, 2022, now allowing unvaccinated to simply show their choice of either a 3-day antigen or PCR test to enter.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Mongolia removed all entry requirements on March 15, 2022, so no tests, quarantines, or proof of vaccine is needed to enter. American travelers don’t need a visit in order to visit for less than 90 days, whilst Canadians can stay visa-free in Mongolia for up to 30 days.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Moldova discontinued its entry rules as of March 16, 2022. However, Moldova currently has a Level 4 travel advisory warning level from the US Department of States.


Entry Rules: High 1 test + potential test/quarantine on arrival

Zimbabwe is allowing unvaccinated tourists to enter, but there are few caveats. Passengers will have to bring a 48-hour antigen test, which is easy enough, but it’s the ‘on arrival’ possibilities that classify it as ‘high’. Upon arrival, passengers could be randomly selected for a test, and/or could be subject up to a 14-day self-isolation.

Costa Rica

Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

Costa Rica has been added back to this list starting April 1, 2022, as they discontinue the internal vaccine passport system. While proof of vaccination has not been a requirement to enter, tourists had to show proof to access many hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops over the past few months. However, as of April 1st, the rule is being dropped, as is the requirement to buy travel health insurance and fill out an online health form.
Entry is now extremely easy with no travel restrictions or requirements.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

As of April 1, 2022, Sweden removes all covid-related entry requirements for third-party travelers. Then, just like before the pandemic, tourists can enter under normal border rules. Sweden also removed their internal vaccine passport and masks, both indoor and outdoor, back in February.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

On March 28, Poland removed all of its remaining entry requirements, making visiting easy once again for all travelers, even those without the vaccine. On the same day, they also removed the indoor mask mandate.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

On April 1, 2022, Latvia scrapped entry rules and is now allowing all tourists, regardless of vaccination status, to enter without any tests, forms, or quarantines. Entry is just like it was in 2019.


Entry Rules: Extremely Easy

This island nation in the Caribbean removed all entry requirements as of April 4, 2022, so both vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers can once again enter without any additional steps.


Entry Rules: Moderate/High 1 Test + possible test on arrival

As of March 27, 2022, India lifted the tourism flight ban and reissued e-visas for foreigners. They are allowing unvaccinated tourists with a visa to enter, but a pre-flight test, as well as a potential test on arrival, is required.

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