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40 suspended no vax doctors stormed Medical Association conference in Rome as Christmas anti-vax Protests catch fire in Italy, France, Spain, Israel, Costa Rica etc.

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About forty No Vax doctors broke into the assembly of the Order of Doctors of Rome demonstrating against the requirement of the vaccine and suspension from work.

About forty No Vax doctors broke into the Pineta palace hotel, effectively interrupting the assembly of the Order of Doctors of Rome. Once inside, with their masks strictly lowered, they shouted at the speakers who were at that moment busy discussing the institution’s budget during the members’ assembly.

The raid by doctors No vax (google Translation) – Several words addressed to them by the No Vax doctors: “Shame, shame!” and also “Ignorant, ignorant!”, as well as “Mafiosi”. In the end, the militants opposed to the vaccine managed to interrupt the meeting of the doctors of the capital. To try to calm the minds, the police also had to intervene. The aggression comes just at a time when the government is considering extending vaccination mandatory for other professional categories, especially for workers who are in close contact with the public. The assembly of members of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of the province of Rome had been convened today for the approval of the budget for 2022. In the face of the brawl, the President, dr. Antonio Magi, prevented it from running smoothly and therefore postponed it to a later date.

About forty health workers broke in protesting and interrupting the meeting of white coats, which was taking place at the Villa Palace hotel in Rome. The militants have railed against the mandatory vaccine and the suspension of unvaccinated health personnel, which is done to hospitals following a report by the ASL. During the attack, in addition to words, shoves also flew. One of the No Vax doctors, a fifty-year-old Roman who works in the San Camillo-Forlanini hospital who was present at the Order’s assembly in Rome, explained: “In the Order of doctors there are professionals who do not pay the annual fee, but instead we hurry to suspend doctors who are not vaccinated.demoted : now my job is to contact patients to make appointments for medical assistance ” .

Assembly suspended and postponed

Protesters accused the Omceo council of “not having suspended those who were in default and instead of having suspended doctors who did not vaccinate”. The police were forced to intervene. A note from Omceo states that “this morning in the capital the assembly of the provincial order of Rome of surgeons and dentists, which should have approved the budget for 2022, was interrupted. About forty doctors expressed their dissentaccusing the Omceo council of ‘not having suspended those who were in arrears and instead of having suspended doctors who did not get vaccinated. This instrumental attitude of a minority in fact prevented the normal course of the meeting. Protesters intimidatingly boycotted the works and started shouting ‘Shame, shame’. The situation degenerated, the president was effectively prevented from speaking and so were the other doctors who had signed up to speak. 

Christmas Protests against Mandatory vaccination and Covid-19 Passports








Costa Rica


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2 years ago

Gotta love “protesters” with masks on !
No Violence, No Revolution, No Results.
Traitors, Animals and Psychopaths need Executed.


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