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21 Important Things You Need to Know About War in Ukraine This Week as of March 20, 2022

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Here are the most important developments:

  1. The CIA Has Been Secretly Training Ukrainians for War With Russia the Last 8 Years
  2. Zelensky Bans Political Opposition, Nationalizes Media to Create “Unified” Information
  3. Lithuania Becomes Third NATO Member to Have Parliament or Top Official Call for No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine
  4. Russia Warns Weapons Shipments Entering Ukraine Are a Legitimate Military Target
  5. U.S. Announces Massive Military Aid Package for Ukraine—Includes Armed Drones, Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  6. Slovakia Floats Dangerous Scheme to Arm Ukraine & Revamp Own Air Defenses
  7. Germany, Netherlands Sending 3 Patriot Missile Systems to Slovakia
  8. China Blasts U.S. “Disinformation” in Washington Post Op-Ed About Ukraine
  9. U.S. Recklessly Eyes China as Target in Economic War
  10. The Angry Arab: The Middle East & War in Ukraine
  11. Shocking Facts About Ukraine’s Thriving Neo-Nazi Movement
  12. International Law Becomes Meaningless When Applied Only to U.S. Enemies
  13. The Jaw-Dropping Power of U.S. Propaganda
  14. YouTube Flags Tulsi Gabbard’s Criticism of “Military Industrial Complex” as “Inappropriate”

Former Top Pentagon Advisor Col. Doug Macgregor Talks to The Grayzone About Russia-Ukraine War

Most Important MSM Headlines:

  1. India Buys 3 Million Barrels of Russian Oil Despite Sanctions, Complicating Campaign to Isolate Russia
  2. U.S. “Profoundly Disappointed” After Assad Makes First Visit to Arab Nation Since Syria War Began
  3. Russia Claims to Be Using Hypersonic Missiles in Ukraine
  4. NORAD Commander: North America is Vulnerable to Russian, Chinese Hypersonic Weapons
  5. South Africa’s President Blames NATO for Ukraine Conflict: “War Could Have Been Avoided”
  6. “We Will Never Forget Who Bombed Our Embassy in Yugoslavia”: Beijing Slams NATO
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