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200 Austrian physicians stand up to authoritarian health officials and face sanctions

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“The long-term effects over periods of more than five years are completely unknown. The mantra-like claimed harmlessness of the new mRNA and vector vaccines must be identified as a protective claim of the big pharmaceutical companies and as a set of beliefs of medically ignorant Austrian (and worldwide) politicians,” the author of an open letter said.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – More than 200 physicians, three of whom are university professors, are responding to an internal letter from the Austrian Medical Association regarding mRNA Covid injections with an open letter.

They are calling on the president of the Medical Association, Thomas Szekeres, to revoke the contents of his circular or resign immediately.

Szekeres’ statement reads, “…based on the available data, from a scientific perspective, and in accordance with the recommendations of the National Immunization Panel, there is essentially no reason to advise patients against Covid 19 vaccination.”

The letter also states that physicians could face disciplinary action if they advise patients against Covid injections and do not follow the recommendations of the National Immunization Panel.

Szekeres’ circular came less than a month after Austria announced that vaccination against Covid-19 will be mandatory for all citizens starting next year, under threat of fines or imprisonment.

Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen, former head of the Department of General and Family Medicine at MedUni Vienna’s Center for Public Health and author of the open letter, says this contradicts “any medical ethics and the basic principles of patient-centered, evidence-based medicine,” a statement the 36 signatories of the open letter agree with, pointing to various scientific studies on Covid injections.

Through the letter from the medical association, Szekeres has “permanently damaged the reputation and self-image” of the medical profession. In addition, the doctors emphasize that they “will not be intimidated,” Sönnichsen continued.

Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen
Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen. (Photo internet reproduction)

Last week, the “ICI – Initiative for Evidence-Based Covid Information” – a coalition of physicians, lawyers, and scientists critical of Austria’s authoritarian Covid policy – held a press conference in Vienna.

Criticism is currently focused on the upcoming mandatory vaccination in Austria. “This is the biggest medical scandal of all time,” says Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen.

He criticizes a lack of data for mandatory vaccination. “The highly praised vaccines have failed,” he said.

Moreover, in the United Kingdom, the fourth wave of Covid is a wave of vaccinated people, he continued. “Hospitals and intensive care units are overwhelmingly filled with vaccinated people.” An account that the head of the Oxford mRNA vaccine program, Andrew Pollard, rejected in a guest editorial for ‘The Guardian’ newspaper in late November.

For Sönnichsen, Austria is “cheating” by simply declaring vaccinated people without a vaccination certificate and vaccinated people whose vaccination dates back more than six months as unvaccinated so that the statistics look more like they want them to. “After two vaccinations failed, we are now led to believe that the booster vaccination helps without any alternative,” Sönnichsen said.


The forensic physician, a.o. University professor Dr. Johann Missliwetz, was also critical of mandatory vaccination. “It is undisputed that the four commonly used mRNA injections (BioNtech Pfizer; Astra Zeneca; Johnson & Johnson and Moderna) have the highest side effect rate of any drug in the history of medicine,” Missliwetz said.

More than one million adverse events have been recorded by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in the EU and an additional one million by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database in the United States, he said.

“The number of reported adverse reactions to Covid 19 vaccines can only be described as frightening,” the open letter states.

Austrian Medical Association President Thomas Szekeres. (Photo internet reproduction)
Austrian Medical Association President Thomas Szekeres. (Photo internet reproduction)

Regardless, these vaccinations are advertised in Austria (and worldwide) as low-risk and safe.

“The long-term effects over periods of more than five years are completely unknown. The mantra-like claimed harmlessness of the new mRNA and vector vaccines must be identified as a protective claim of the big pharmaceutical companies and as a set of beliefs of medically ignorant Austrian ( and world) politicians,” the critique says.


Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, a general practitioner, lamented reprisals by the medical association. As a steering committee member of the World Council for Health, she is in contact twice a week with world-renowned scientists conducting research on Covid-19. “As the initiator of #wirzeigenunserGesicht (We show our face), I receive messages every day from domestic colleagues who have received a disciplinary notice from the medical association for a statement about Covid-19 childhood vaccinations on the homepage”

Well-founded risk discussions by colleagues, based on empirical values and study data from all over the world, are apparently not taken into account, says Hubmer-Mogg. A scientific discourse no longer takes place. There is no other explanation for the planned compulsory vaccination of children as young as 14, she said.


Pediatrician Dr. Gabriela Thalhammer expressed particular concern about the vaccination of children and adolescents, saying, “This year, many children, including infants, have been infected with Covid, but they show mild courses and are usually healthy again after 1-3 days. So children have no benefit from vaccination.”

This is also the case for intensive care nurse Werner Möller, who has been working in Germany for 30 years and founded the “Initiative Pflege für Aufklärung”: “I am in contact with many clinics, we have a significant increase of vaccinated patients with severe courses in Germany,” says Möller.

He therefore sees a “pandemic of the vaccinated,” simply because the vaccinated are convinced they are safe and cannot get severe courses and are much less likely to test themselves.

Unvaccinated people, on the other hand, are usually much more cautious, pay attention to hygiene and need to get checked more often, he said. “Politicians want to impose a narrative of fear on us,” Möller said.


Since the letter’s publication, Sönnichsen and the 200 signatories have been demonized in the Austrian mainstream media as “Covid deniers,” even though not a single line in the letter questions the existence of Covid-19 or the Covid-19 pandemic.

At a Dec. 16 press conference held shortly after the letter’s publication, Andreas Huss, chairman of ÖKG, Austria’s public health insurance company, threatened the letter’s signers and any physicians who hold similar views with harsh sanctions such as criminal charges, disbarment, or revocation of their health insurance contracts.

There is a ban on speech and no freedom of expression in this country, but rather compulsory conformity with the threat of severe disciplinary sanctions.

Huss said he has “little sympathy” for physicians who oppose Covid-19 vaccines because he believes vaccination is “the only way out of the pandemic.”

At another press conference the day before, Sönnichsen disagreed, calling the vaccination campaign “the biggest medical scandal in history.”

“Finally, the much-vaunted vaccination has failed,” he said. “The fourth wave is a wave of the vaccinated. The hospitals and intensive care units are overwhelmingly filled with vaccinated people.”

“Physicians who contradict the government narrative face fines of up to 36,340 euros, a devastating professional ban, and, in addition, removal from the medical register,” lamented Johann Missliwetz.


Despite these threats, Sönnichsen and the 200 signers of the letter urged Szekeres to withdraw or resign from his Dec. 2 statement, assuring him that they “will not be intimidated by you or any other like-minded health official.”

“We will continue to invoke the Geneva Declaration and demand freedom of medical treatment, [and] we will continue to treat our patients to the best of our ability,” they said, adding that they will “work with each patient individually to determine whether or not Covid 19 vaccination is appropriate.”

According to ORF ( Austrian national public service broadcaster), because of his stance on Covid vaccines and noncompliance with Covid measures, Sönnichsen has already been dismissed from the Department of General and Family Medicine at the Vienna Health Center.

The ban on speech is rigorously enforced in Austria. Anyone who knows this country and its history had not doubted it in the first place.

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