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10 Apr 22 Los Angeles California USA – Defeat the Mandates rally

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10 Apr 22 Los Angeles California USA .. Firefighters from Los Angeles marched towards downtown Los Angeles where a “Defeat the Mandates” rally is being held. More than 7,000 Los Angeles first responders are expected to lose their jobs over warrants

10.04.22 Los Angeles California USA .. Crowds Gather Across Grand Park in the Heart of Los Angeles, for the ‘Defeat the Mandates’ Freedom Festival and Rally…


Nurse Severely Injured by the Moderna Vaccine Racks up over $1MM in Medical Expenses

Dr. Lynn Fynn on the COVID protocols: “It’s money laundering used to fuel fear, harm, and submission”

Dr. Brian Tyson on Taking Out a $250k Loan to Treat His 10,000 Patients, and Running for Congress

Ernest Ramirez on How FEMA Tried to Coerce Him to Change the Cause of Death for His Son After He Died Following the Pfizer Vaccine

Maddie De Garay’s Mother Shares How the COVID-19 Vaccine Disabled Her Daughter

Angela Stanton King Calls Out Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife for Funding the Abortions of Black Babies

I thought they said Black Lives Matter. It seems to me Black Lives Matter until a black woman gets pregnant.”

Angela Stanton King Calls Out the Hypocrisy of the Left at the Defeat the Mandates Rally

“You shouldn’t have to be vaccinated in order for my vaccine to work!”

Tyler Fischer is the King of Pandemic Comedy

Lara Logan: “Stop Paying the People Who Are Slitting Your Throats”

Steve Kirsch: “History Will Not Be Kind” to Those Who Pushed the Vaccine

“Eventually, the truth does come out, and we, all of us [who are speaking out], will become the heroes and they will be the zeroes.”

“These guys will never accept [my offer] because they know that if we have a debate, they will lose and we will crush them.”

“Be Brave!” – Del Bigtree Calls on Doctors, Teachers, and Everyday People to Fight for What’s Right

“We will not recognize any leader ever again who has lost the ability to stand for freedom.”

“There is No Emergency!” – Dr. Robert Malone and the Frontline Doctors Lay Down the Real Facts

“There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.”

Speakers Include: Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Flavio Cadgiani, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Dr. Lynn Fynn, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Brian Tyson, and Dr. Robert Malone.

Our Oath Is to the Constitution, Not to the Mayor: Relieved LAPD Officer Michael McMahon

“America’s law enforcement community is not the army of the elite, but the protectors of the people.”

Early Treatment Works—Dr. Fauci Doesn’t Work – Dr. Jeffrey Barke

“Healthy people do not spread a viral respiratory illness… You can’t catch a cold from somebody who doesn’t have a cold… We should not be testing healthy people.”

“It’s Time to Take Back Our Country!” – A 14-Year-Old Freedom Fighter Steals the Show

Lucky: “We should not let these tyrannical psychopaths run us down! We are American and America will stay strong!”

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